Empo Aluminium
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Commencing its commercial activities in 1974 in many different fields, automotive industry in particular; our group has started rendering service in aluminium industry with our new investment in 2015.

After Empo Automotive and Empo Machine & Mould; with our new investment, we are taking the pride of having our third company, Empo Aluminium. We adopted our extensive knowledge, experience, quality approach, working discipline and business system, which we have gained during our long-service to main automotive industries, into aluminum industry in a very short time and thus, we became one of the well-known brands in the market.

This new investment will not only be an input source for our own fields of business but also it will achieve an important place in foreign markets. Our aluminum investment will be an important driving force that will carry us to upper levels in a very short time in the way that will pass down our company.