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TRICLAD is a high quality material that is developed specially to weld aluminum and steel. It is a composition of three layers; steel (ST 52-3N), pure aluminium (Al99,5/1050) and corrosion-resistant aluminium (AlMg4,5Mn07/ 5083). These three layers are homogenously bonded together in a vacuum environment with the aid of explosives. Although TRICLAD is most often used for welding aluminium superstructure to steel hull in shipbuilding industry, it is also used in the other fields of the industry as well.

General Properties

  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Very good weldability
  • Cold forming and bending
  • Easy sawing and machinability

Typical Fields of Application

  • Ship and yacht building
  • Applications requiring to weld aluminium and steel

For more information → Technical Data Sheet

General Properties

TRICLAD is a high quality material for welding aluminium to steel. TRICLAD is most often used in shipbuilding, as a transition joint for welding an aluminium superstructure to a steel hull.. TRICLAD is a composition of three layers:

  • Surface Layer                       Corrosion resistance aluminium (AlMg4,5Mn0,7/5083)
  • Intermediate Layer              Pure aluminium (Al99,5/1050)
  • Base Material                        Steel (ST52-3N)


TRICLAD is easy to process and replaces the coventional nut-and-bolt connection, or rivet joints. It is important that the temperature of TRICLAD remains below the critical limit of 315 ⁰C during welding.

TRICLAD reference to bending, use a standart minimum radius of 10 times the strip width or strip thickness. 

Shear Strength 55 – 94 MPa
Tensile Strength 75 – 181 MPa
Processing Temperature 315 ⁰C
Thickness (mm) 28 / 34
Length (mm) 3800
Width (mm) 16 /20 /24 /25 /30
For non standart sizes please contact us.
TRICLAD Brochure
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